29 Jul 2011

Tumblr Town

Yesterday Lisa acted as my stand-in for some lighting tests ahead of my photoshoot on Sunday. Feeling silly (who, us?!), we decided to try and create the perfect Tumblr shots when we were done with the tests. Results are below. Yes! Overexposed. Yes! Ever so slightly out-of-focus. Yes! Pouty and with middle distance stare. Yes! Feather in hair and floaty dress. Yes! Bokeh. (If it had been full length, you'd have seen that she was also pigeon-toed). HOWEVER...isn't it actually rather gorgeous? Obviously the fact that Lisa is extremely beautiful helps the lovely atmosphere, but who wouldn't like to live in perpetual sunshine in a wooded glade? 
No wonder so many people want to visit Tumblr Town, even if real life looks nothing like it. Lisa's blog, Hawk and Fallow, is here.


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