28 Oct 2013

Catching up, part one - Freddie's Christening

A month or two ago I went to the crazy-beautiful church St. Bartholomew the Great, near Smithfields Market, to photograph Freddie's christening. I photographed his first birthday party earlier in the year and it was great to see him looking so much more grown-up already! 
 The interior of the church is simply stunning. Incense curling through the air diffuses the light deliciously.
 Freddie's mum adjusts his outfit.
A slightly over-excited little boy!
 In the choir stalls.
 The vicar delivered a witty and moving sermon...
 ...even though Freddie himself was easily distracted.
 Proud parents and godparents.
 The beautiful mother and somewhat startled baby!
 A doting grandmother.
 Madonna and child.
 The gorgeous interior.
Those eyes! Sweet enough to give you toothache.

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