8 Jan 2019

A bókaflóð

I wrote up some details of my own bókaflóð* on the Printing Matter residency for the Centre for Fine Print Research's Book Arts Newsletter at the end of last year (see below for images and flipthroughs and click here for the full report). 

I'm now pleased to follow up the two finished volumes I made there with a zine-travelogue. Inspired by both the lacksadaisical tone of W. H. Auden's Letters from Iceland and by the Terribly Serious tomes penned by Victorian adventurers, I have gathered together the letters I wrote to six women (and to myself) as part of my work (and working-out) while in Iceland. 

Words help me explain my own thinking to myself - and these letters, so generously taken in by women known and unknown to me, allowed me to illuminate aspects of my time on residency as well as to have some fun with form. 

The resulting letters, thoroughly (exhaustingly) annotated have now been published in a pamphlet, Almost Zaffre, Almost Cadmium, which is limited to an edition of 21+AP. It is pictured above with the two other Icelandic books.

Edition numbers 10-21 are available for purchase at £5.50+postage. Please email me or call using the details on my website if you'd like one, and I will be in touch to arrange payment and delivery.

*a bókaflóð is, literally, a 'book flood' and is the term used for the massive release of books that happens in Iceland at the beginning of every December. Books are often given as Christmas presents, a tradition dating back to the time when imported goods except for paper carried very high taxes.


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