16 Sep 2011

Adam and Eve in the 21st century: work in progress

 Captions L-R 'What are WE doing here?' - 'UGH!' - 'No signal...'
Caption: 'We will stride forth like colossi to conquer this new world'

Captions L-R: 'Although it is charming here...' - 'Perhaps we should accept our lot?' - 'We'll live and love in harmony'.

I don't usually like to show people my work until it's 'done' - or at least, as 'done' as possible. Which usually means 'done' until I look at it again six months down the line and hate it and begin all over again. But I have been faffing with this mini-project for over a month and it's time to get it out there. 

I am trying something new with this - I wanted to get the feel of a comic book or photo-story. You probably can't read the little captions at the bottom of each frame so I'll write them up underneath.

It would be great to get any comments on what you think of these - does it work for you? What about the layout? (I had envisaged these as three separate prints, hanging one above the other with the squared-off set in the middle and the portrait-landscape-portrait at the top, as above). I hope you like them - having them in the public sphere will certainly make it easier for me to see them with a clear eye.


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