14 Nov 2011

WHOOP-DE-DOO Part Two and the WINNER from Part One

It's nearly BlogBirthday...
And what a terrific reception the first round of the WHOOP-DE-DOO competition has had! 

Thanks to those who commented. I am pleased to say that commenter Vera Chok is the winner! 

Vera says:
Such a fan. Impossible to choose my favourite, but here is one that is topical for me http://katherineleedale.blogspot.com/2011/08/circus.html
Thanks Vera! I'll be in touch very soon to get details as to where to send the prize and so on. 

For those of you sobbing into your post-work snacks right now because you didn't win, or didn't have time to enter, or are only lucky enough to find out about the competition now, you've got TWO more chances to win! 

To enter this week's round, once again please just leave a comment on this post. A random winner will be chosen next week and there'll be an exciting secret additional prize in the third week! 

Now, unfortunately I have heard that some people who wanted to enter were not able to leave a comment on the blog for whatever reason. I'm really sorry about this, folks.

If you want to enter but don't want to or can't leave a comment JUST EMAIL YOUR COMMENT to katherineleedale [at] yahoo.com and I will post on your behalf!

nb. This will not affect your chances of winning.


Josh Leedale said...

I am starting to feel Christmassy and so I like the Winter Wonderland album at the mo, the duck one and the last one are my favourites.

Katherine said...

From AMY:
(the one with the dead birds with Turkeys and Goose on the sign in the background)

I don't think I'll ever fall out of love with bird-related images so I was torn between this and the collage images which are beautiful... But what with the festive period coming up I think this fits my alternative Christmas card brief nicely! Think the detail on the feathers swung it.

Katherine said...

I like the one of people looking over the balcony of the National Theatre. I worked at the NT this summer and I would always leave late at night and be furiously jealous of all the people who were drinking and having fun on balmy nights whereas I would be grumpy with painful feet making my way home to a cup of Bovril….

Katherine said...

From EMMA: Have had a most enjoyable time browsing through your photos (whilst at work...) You have a wonderful way of looking at the world!

My favourite from what I have seen so far is probably http://katherineleedale.blogspot.com/2011/10/autumn-and-competition.html. I also really like http://katherineleedale.blogspot.com/2011/02/incredibly-small-and-impossibly-cute.html as a trio of pictures, but don't think I could chose just one of them on its own!
Happy blog birthday!

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