18 Jul 2012

Big Dance Walk 2012

I photographed Tom Goodwin and Petra Soor's Big Dance Walk in 2010 - back then it was the hottest day of the year and the grass in Footscray Meadows was all sorts of shades of brown and gold, crisp and sere. This year's event in Oxlea Meadows was almost the exact opposite; everything bursting with chlorophyll and rich black mud squishing underfoot. The Big Dance Walk is a gentle, involving, meditative and joyful piece performed by adults, children, and older people and having experienced it in such extremely different ways reflects the richness of life itself and the rewards and wonder both of aging and of being young; and of being out of the city and into the green. For more Big Dance events see their website bigdance2012.com

 How beautiful are these two women?
 Like actual models...


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