11 Aug 2012


Hello all, how are your summers? I've just returned from trips to Croatia and Edinburgh.

It's sometimes tricky deciding what cameras to take away with me; my digital cameras are worth much more than my film cameras and so potentially attract much more unwanted attention from thieves and bad'uns; digital photography feels like work and has the capacity to take over activities but since most of my film cameras are 'vintage' (read: old and crapped-out) they can be somewhat unreliable. Anyway this time I decided to take a very ancient Russian rangefinder, a Holga, and a home-made pinhole - all film. I've featured images taken with the rangefinder on previous trips; I like the slightly soft, grainy photographs it produces and, if I'm honest, the stylish look of the thing itself (it looks like this). However I think it may be time to retire this baby. After the first two days in sunny Split I began to suspect it was not winding properly - I'd had a film in there previously and had been shooting a lot over those first days and somehow the film seemed unending. Sure enough, after developing and scanning it, it turns out that every image I've taken on this camera for the last couple of months is overlaid on top of itself.

Although it's kind of an expensive and annoying mistake, I do love the resulting image. Looks like something you might dig up in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, no?


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