21 Aug 2012

Kate Tempest at Frank's

I try hard not to play favourites among photoshoots and to love them all equally. However there are those shoots where location, subject, lighting, (or maybe just the stars) align and I particularly like the results. A month or so ago I shot the poet, rapper, soon-to-be novelist and all round brilliant Kate Tempest for her forthcoming show Brand New Ancients (at Battersea Arts Centre in the autumn). We went to the top of the multistorey car park in Peckham, now reincarnated as the brilliant Frank's Cafe and shot at dusk, as the lights were beginning to spark and the twilight lay luminous violet across the city. After shooting there we scampered down onto the streets, surprising the good shopkeeps of Rye Lane with Kate's rhymes. Below, the top image is the one BAC chose, plus a few of my faves.
And here's one of me in action - I wasn't trying to match my trousers to her top, it's purely accidental!


CH said...

Can you please do another competition which is rigged so that I win a print of that one of Kate in the middle of the street?

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