20 Jun 2014

Istanbul, part I

Last week I dropped into Istanbul for a few days, visiting a friend who is living there and out of general curiosity. Are you ready for a lot of photos? About 700 of them are tiles. Here they come..
I once wrote a poem about this blue but it's too bad to share.
Raki leads to lols.
The Blue Mosque. Everything in Istanbul made me feel a little like I was in an episode of Game of Thrones.
Uuuuggghhh so much beauty.
Seriously stop being so beautiful.
No, I said stop it.
Maybe when you see it every day you get blasé about it.
But I don't know how.
Tourist selfie.
After a stroll around Topkapi Palace (above) I also visited the Ayasofya or Hagia Sophia (below).
Greek graffiti?

Despite the crowds, it was one of the most beautiful and moving places I've ever been.

After all that sightseeing you need baklawa.

And lots of it. 
The inside of the Blue Mosque. 

Turkey's an adaptable sort of place, as evidenced by these enterprising calligraphers on the way to the markets. #yonce

The markets are bonkers

And so to an evening in Beyoğlu. Playing backgammon and drinking beer outside under vines, not bad if you ask me. Then finding a local haunt for a great view and pickled cucumbers.
The next day, a proper Turkish breakfast of cheese, eggs, bread, coffee, sausage and a delicious mix of tahini and molasses set me up for a ferry ride to the Asian side, and a wander around the gallery district.
A top time was had! Thanks for treating me so well Istanbul.


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