25 Jun 2014

Istanbul, part III - a portrait

After visiting several sightseeing musts in one day, I was exiting the markets, dusty, hot and tired, when a man stopped me to tell me about his carpets. Even once I told him I had no money (nor, as he suggested, a rich father) he invited me in for tea and a little rest. The Turkish tradition of hospitality is a very strong one and completely overrides any English reticence. So I had a little glass of sugary black tea and a little chat, and rested my feet in the cool of his shop and it was very welcome. I've lost the card he gave me but if you're visiting, it's to the left if you're facing the entrance nearest the SΓΌleymaniye Mosque. Tell him the redheaded woman who reminded him of his Austrian ex-wife sent you ;)


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